• Good morning ...

    Even though it's 2pm on the coast (ahem, cough cough), let me detail my Summer morning routine a bit for the curious.
    1. Wake up to the sound of Lawn Mowers somewhere.
    2. Wonder why my arm or hand is now hurting. I'm like Worf from Star Trek. I wake up with phantom injuries it seems.
    3. Drink the remnants of water in the mason jar beside my bed. Usually 15 ounces or so.
    4. Waddle downstairs, rubbing my eyes, forgetting my glasses, going back upstairs to get them and so on.
    5. Find the downstairs bathroom. Yes, I'm getting old.
    6. Coffee. 10 oz, three times. Talk to the dogs the whole time.
    7. Listen to Fox tell me about the dreams he had last night. Usually, Super Mario, Zombies or Donald Trump was somehow involved. Some days all three.
    8. Open the back patio door to hear the birds and bugs going full tilt mating and annihilating each other. Life cycle in the low desert continues as normal. Xenomorphs haven't invaded yet.
    9. Check on the rabbit. Get side eye.
    10. Check email, read HOA patrol reports from the night before. Shake my head in disbelief.
    11. Read other emails from two different legal firms associated with my other interests.
    12. Check my text messages from Minbear. Everything's kosher. Don't respond right away.
    13. Check Facebook. Try not to post until the coffee's gone.
    14. Think about what I wrote last night before falling asleep.
    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


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