• Greyhound ... German Edition ...

    Well, fortunately, enough time has now passed that the book has found itself getting translated. I'm very thankful to AmazonCrossing for making this happen. Being translated is probably one of the larger dreams writers have that they wish for, but rarely see happen. Cementing a film deal is probably the only thing above it, so foreign translation is nothing to take lightly.

    Having seen the translation and the book cover designs, I'm very excited that the story will now be reaching a much wider audience. No release date has yet been given to me regarding the German release, but I'm thinking it will likely come out sometime either just before or just after Christmas of this year.

    Before I die, I do hope to see the book translated into Spanish, as that was always one of my main desires with this story. But with enough patience and maybe a few other books that are successful, it will occur.

    People have been emailing me, asking if I've been writing. Things have been difficult this year with family concerns, thus the creative endeavors have slowed. I promise to return to the page the first moment I can.

    All the best ...


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