• The Seven Hundred Dollar Raincoat ...

    Just a note: Today was a great day today. Putting up the FINAL cover for $700 Raincoat and getting that thing - completely off my desk - was the equivalent of lifting a lifetime's worth of self-doubt off my shoulders. Carrying the burden of storytelling is no easy matter.

    I know I cannot express what putting a book out into the world actually means to me, as some people think we only do this for the money, because well, many do. Anyone who has read any of my books, knows too well that I write memoir and I'm very blunt about the things that have happened. Pat Conroy owes me a drink for sure.

    Of all the books that I've written, so far, I've had a much more emotional investment in The $700 Raincoat because those days, like I said in the back of the book, seem like yesterday, and I can still see them vividly in my minds eye. While editing Fugue State was difficult, reworking this one was downright painful. Some of it I just had to hit 'accept change' and turn the page because I just couldn't bare to look.

    Getting it out there and getting it read by people is the real therapy we get when we're so invested in our stories. I honestly hope that as time passes it becomes as popular as Greyhound already is. Yes, I didn't write a series of novels about a boy who stays innocent forever, I wrote stories about a boy who does grow up and does so alone.

    Too long, didn't read? Sorry. I can be that way. I wrote 422 pages about The Persian Gulf War and my experience inside and around it.

    I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported me with this book and lent me a hand. I didn't get to today alone. You may not have known the difficult time I was having, but it's time to step forward, but in some cases step further back. 1985, it seems. I have no Doc Brown.

    Not everyone is going to be in your corner when it gets difficult to deal. Some folks are just going to smile and create some distance. I'm a big boy and used to it. When Monday morning comes and I hit *publish* on the paperback version ... I'm likely going to feel like a new person. Forgive me now if I start to behave like one.

    I appreciate the hard work from all of you with your kind words, hard work and word of mouth. I'll do my best to be worthy of it and keep writing.

    Be good.


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