• Shutting Down Facebook ...

    Earlier today, I shut down my Facebook Account. Yes. I shut it down. New Years Resolution? Maybe. Good idea? Absolutely.

    I had been sifting the idea for some time and weighing whether or not it was worthwhile keeping it active. After all, since 2007, for more than five years, I'd been uploading hundreds of pictures through my phone of my son, my own adventures, commentary, notices, book announcements, you name it.

    Of the 355 friends I had, most of them were readers that had sought me out after reading Greyhound, a smaller percentage were friends that were writers and authors and the rest, less than twenty, were family members. Thus, the point of Facebook for me was that it was a connection between myself and readers.

    But in the end ... all that lost out to the most inescapable reason. Facebook is a huge waste of time where you get sucked into staring at it for hours upon hours, reading every manner of personal thought from people you likely don't even know, (Sorry, truth is painful). For no reason at all, I found myself checking the updates, scanning the feed, looking for something worthwhile like it's just another channel on my DirecTV. And usually, there's very little that's stimulating. While it had its benefits, I decided I would rather have my time back to do other more pressing things.

    While it is uplifting to hear the good news of friends and the new high points they're attaining, we all know that like a tree falling in the woods still making a noise, all these things would still happen whether I'm watching or not. I'll miss the direct contact with a lot of you, but the world of Facebook will be just fine without me.

    After being connected for so long, It might be comical to chronicle my withdrawals from modern social media.

    I also have a twitter account, but I'm going to resist letting that become addictive. If it does, it will be shut down as well.


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