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    It seems as of late, everyone now has a soundtrack that goes along with their book and they love to tell you how much music inspires them, and what songs specifically stand out to them, or have connective tissue to their work. Okay, got it. 

    Most people who create, are typically careful about whatever motivational stimulus they prefer and keep close and are very driven by popular media like music and films. Obviously, for writers these things are important to us.

    The last two books that I've written, have not only had a lot of music associated with it, within the story, but also in the creation. I made a post similar to this back in 2009 for another book I wrote called Yellow Fever, which is finally coming out on Kindle this spring. In 2010, I posted a much longer and detailed list of music for Greyhound.

    For this post, I'm not only including a list of music that I overdosed on ad naseum, which a few tracks become almost a central character within the story, but the films that I had on in my office everyday, keeping me company while I wrote. I have a difficult time spending too much time alone, and I definitely -- spend too much time alone. Yes, I often get a lot of work done, but, like everything there is an emotional cost. This isn't make-believe, sparkly Vampire Romance that I've written, so the emotional investment, at least to me, is pretty high. I have a tendency to expose a lot to the reader, for good reason, so I figured it's only natural to share these lists.

    All the best ...


    The Unforgettable Fire - U2 *(the entire album is a character in the book)

    Bad - U2
    Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac
    Sara (Cleaning Lady Version) - Fleetwood Mac
    The Audio portion of Blade Runner on Cassette tape.

    Only in Dreams - Weezer

    Going to California - Led Zeppelin
    Help Me Through The Day - Freddie King
    Same old Blues - Freddie King
    Hawkmoon 269 - U2

    Philosopher's Stone - Van Morrison

    Drawing / Track 08 - Guy Farley
    Kathy's Song - Simon & Garfunkel
    Heartland - U2

    Memories of Green - Vangelis

    Blood of Eden (Film Version) - Peter Gabriel
    Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
    Still in Love With You - Thin Lizzy

    Lonely Woman - Ornette Coleman

    Close to you (Take 4) - Frank Sinatra
    Only The Lonely - Frank Sinatra
    I wish you Love - Dean Martin

    I Still Can't Believe You're Gone - Willie Nelson

    I Feel Like A Bullet (in the Gun of Robert Ford) - Elton John
    Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John
    Till The Cops Come Knockin - Maxwell

    Christmas, Baby, Please Come Home - Darlene Love

    A Forest - The Cure
    Close to Me - The Cure
    Rattle & Hum - U2
    Me and The Devil - Gil Scott Heron

    Complete YouTube Playlist:


    Blade Runner *(A character in the book)

    Fight Club
    Maltese Falcon
    The Big Sleep
    In a Lonely Place
    Zodiac (David Fincher's version)
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Heartbreak Ridge
    Forrest Gump
    Until The End of The World
    Girl, Interrupted
    Almost Famous
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    The Exorcist (while I was writing the sections about DC)
    Platoon (while I was writing the very ending)
    U2 - Rattle & Hum
    Sting - Durham Cathedral
    U2 - Live at Slane Castle
    Cello Suites - Rostropovich (especially the interview parts with Mstislav speaking)


    Steffan Piper is the author of several novels including Greyhound, Yellow Fever and Fugue State. He was once kicked out of Nome, Alaska due to a minor misunderstanding. He has a blog, a Facebook page, a favorite film and lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles with his family in Palm Desert, CA.


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