• 5 points to consider going forward ...

    It's embarrassing today as I've seen five or six people on Facebook and other social media sites, break down and lose it regarding socialism and Obama. Most people don't have a clear understanding about socialism, or what it actually is -- and it becomes evidently clear the moment the complaints start issuing forth in regards to Obama. 

    Point blank: Systems collapse because of those at the top taking out public monies and putting it into private pockets.

    Here are five points to consider today, going forward:

    1. Austerity does not work. Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany and overseeing those bailouts in Europe) and most in Europe have already come around to that reality and wouldn't self-impose that. Ever. No joke. But on others -- sure.

    2. Trickle down government never trickles down. That's a bloody Ponzi scheme. Stop buying into it. The bottom never gets their due. Ever.

    3. The GOP has ill-served its Red States. The Red States are the greatest "takers" when it comes to Government and public assistance. They also have some of the most broken schools and Universities. No jobs, no tech, no economy and crumbling infrastructure. They would be wise to become more progressive and stop isolating themselves from the rest of the world.

    4. Americans are some of the hardest working people on the planet. On the effing planet! No joke. Our GDP is through the roof. People who demonize the working class in this country -- have it back-asswards and need to wake up and turn off Rupert Murdock's Fox News. The working class is not a benefit to corporate interest. We are only a commodity that is expendable. Absorb that fact. Borders and boundaries? In the global economy -- there are none. Square that with your Nationalistic pride and patriotism. Countries are just markets to them. That's all.

    5. Did you know that in England, Rupert Murdoch, and his whole organization, is under investigation for domestic espionage? Yeah, the guy that owns and self-directs Fox News. Fox News the establishment that is seemingly blaming everyone else for exactly what their doing domestically. It's an absolute disgrace. Civil liberties? Don't make me laugh.

    Five points to consider going forward. The alternative is people proposing ridiculousness like this:

    And last thought regarding Socialism ...

    Socialism? Really, people? Socialism has always failed historically because Governments, politicians and corporate interests -- always have always treated those systems like a Ponzi scheme and creamed the money off the top causing them to collapse. Millions of middle and lower class people paying 40 to 60%, or more, of their income to the government creates huge surpluses that those in power haven't been able to keep their mitts off. Historical fact. Greed. No one has been able to control it yet. That's an illusion.

    Public money going into private pockets. 

    Just like in Russia during the Czars. Those systems were about the rich taking advantage of the working class and destroying them. People who cry about socialism need to educate themselves about socialism. Mitt Romney grew up in one of the largest Socialist enclaves in the United States? Did you hear about that during the election? No. Because Religion wasn't made an issue, because someone showed respect. Did Fox News report on that? No. Because the truth is inconvenient. Fox News just had their followers believing Obama to be a Muslim.

    They branded Obama as a Marxist as well, ever read up about Marxism? I have. How about this: Mitt Romney, and people like him, are the end result and the actual written goal of Marxism. 'The new international Class'. He fits those definitions as if Marx was looking directly at him. Fox News report on that? No. It's inconvenient. But yeah, let's just brand the Black guy in every single derogatory label we can throw out.

    The Republican party doesn't give a toss about the common man, the working class, the people that actually make this country work. Their interests have been, and will continue to be Corporations, Big Business and Defense. All they want you to do is build it and be quiet. I know 5 people in the 344 of all my 'Facebook Friends' that would've benefitted under Romney. 5 people that make over $2 Million per annum. If you make under that -- you would've been on your own.


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