• King's College Guest Speaker Scam ...

    Today, I checked my inbox to discover this little beauty of a scam and spam below. I was perplexed as I'm not the kind of person typically asked to go address large groups of people (sober) or speak on a subject which is not my field of study.

    Read it and weep:

    Respected Steffan Piper,

     I am Prof. Harry Stewart from King’s College Campus Here in London
    UK. We want you to be our guest Speaker at this Year King’s college
    Seminar which will take place here in UK. We are writing to invite and
    confirm your booking to be our guest Speaker at this year’s event.

    King’s College Campus.

    The Venue as follows:
    VENUE: King’s College campus in Strand
    London, United Kingdom
    Expected audience: 850 people
    Duration of speech per speaker: 1 Hour
    Name of Organization: King’s College Campus.
    Topic: ”Mystery of Life and Death”
    Date: 31st August 2012

     We came across your profile on http://www.pw.org// and we say it’s up
    to standard and we will be very glad to have such an outstanding
    personality in our midst for these overwhelming gathering.
    Arrangements to welcome you here will be discussed as soon as you
    honor our invitation. If you have any more publicity material, please
    do not hesitate to contact us.

     A formal Letter of invitation and Contract agreement would be sent to
    you as soon as you honor our Invitation. We are taking care of your
    travel and Hotel Accommodation expenses including your Speaking Fee.
    If you will be available for our event, include your speaking fees in
    your email so it can be included in your CONTRACT AGREEMENT.

    Stay Blessed
    Prof. Harry Stewart
    King’s College Campus.

    Tel: + 44 702 408 2535

    I've adjusted none of the text in the letter above, and if any of you reading this wish to take my place on the lecture, please feel free to place that call. Just know beforehand that it's a scam. In the end, they'll need your bank account info so they can wire you money via electronic transfer / moneygram / western union. It's a ruse as they'll be able then to reverse what ever they sent, plus whatever you have in the account.

    Have fun in London ... at your own expense ...

    Steffan Piper is the author of several novels including Greyhound, Yellow Fever and Fugue State. He was once kicked out of Nome, Alaska due to a minor misunderstanding. He has a blog, a Facebook page, a favorite film and lives in Palm Desert, CA. Currently hiring for an experienced get-away driver....


    1. What a shame! I wish it were true, it would be lovely to see you in London.

      Stay blessed

    2. Because we all know professors from King's College make that many typos and grammatical errors, and sign letters "Stay Blessed."


      1. You beat me to it by just a few seconds! (See below.)

    3. Really? The grammar, capitalization, and punctuation errors would fool a real writer? Sad.

    4. Agreed. 'Stay Blessed' rocks it in so many good ways, that it's all just bad business. Haha. SP

    5. Wow. Sometimes it's nice being a complete unknown. I unknowingly bypass all these scams because they're never sent to me. Thanks for sharing this info!

    6. The whole "and we say it's up to standard" is really the best bit.

    7. Great to find this information. I also received an invitation, and held a credible exchange about it. Luckily I found your post. I was contacted by a Daniel Culverton. After I turned down the invitation, I received a request for a donation to their seminars.... Here is the sample letter:

      > On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 3:28 PM, Daniel Culverton wrote:
      > Greetings from Kings College,
      > It was nice reading back from you and we will greatly appreciate
      > having you confirm the date with us, as we know having you here in our
      > COLLEGE for the very first time will be of positive impact to the
      > life's of our students. The EVENT date is scheduled for the 29th of
      > October 2012, your presentation is set for an hour starting from
      > 2:00pm - 3:00pm. The majority percent of the audience will be mainly
      > students from the COLLEGE and a few invited guess.
      > Your presentation title for this seminar is tagged ''Mystery of Life
      > and Death'', we are highly impressed on your works from the profile on
      > the website. Due to the limited time we are having to conclude all
      > arrangements, you are been advised to get back to me with the actual
      > speaking fees you will be seeking for your presentation with our
      > organization, if the fee is been agreed upon then I will further up
      > all arrangements on sending over your OFFICIAL CONTRACT AGREEMENT
      > Please understand that due to the little budget the College have
      > invested towards the seminar we will only be able to cover your Flight
      > and Hotel bookings. Your travel papers procurement should be handled
      > by you and reimbursement of any expense incurred on your part towards
      > the process will be paid to you immediately after procurement.
      > This EVENT is handled by the school's BURSARY UNIT and we are also
      > supported by some effective organizations over here in the United
      > Kingdom. Sorry more information have not been updated on the COLLEGE'S
      > website as at the moment, due to the fact that the EVENT ORGANIZING
      > COMMITTEE are presently updating the COLLEGE'S web page which should
      > be ready before the run out of next week. As soon as it is ready I
      > will keep you posted, please do bear with us.
      > Lastly a conference call is to be scheduled with you for the 17th of
      > September 2012, to deliberate with other lecturers and professors who
      > are also going to be presenting on that day on the topic of your
      > presentation. In addition all technical arrangements will be made to
      > suit requirements for your presentation on that day.
      > We look towards working with you further and we all can wait to
      > welcome you to our prestigious COLLEGE on that day.
      > Stay Blessed.

    8. Hahaha ... The best thing I can tell you about this: Stay Blessed! ;)