• The 9 Rules of Write Club ...

    This is Steffan's mind on an all-too quiet Saturday morning ...

    With the world changing as drastically as it is regarding publishing, writing, making a living and selling books, several things have been floating around in the garrett rooms of my mind lately. 

    While I wrote a twenty page dissertation on each of these points, I'll save you all the angst of having to read or ingest it as it's likely to cause many to wilt and come across as opinionated bombast. 

    It seems that I did you one favour already. Mark a check in my column ...

    The first rule of Write Club is ... There are no Legacy deals.

    The second rule of Write Club is ... There are NO Legacy deals!

    The third rule of Write Club is ... His name was Winston Groom. Read up and never forget.

    The fourth rule of Write Club is ... You are not your book deal. You'll likely despise that Legacy contract at some point in the future anyway.

    The fifth rule of Write Club is ... We write novels, not IKEA catalouges.

    The sixth rule of Write Club is ... You're not here to follow in someone else's footsteps, so don't.

    The seventh rule of Write Club is ... Self improvement? Try self-destruction. Stop running away from yourself in your writing.

    The eigth rule of Write Club is ... Your book doesn't own you, let it go. Get over it. Don't obsess.

    The ninth rule of Write Club is ... Editor before Agent and not the other way around.

    Did you understand all that? Fill in the blanks if you did and think further on it. If not, your homework is to write twenty pages on each point. Be specific.


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