• Light through a Prism ...

    Thoughts Gathered from my Creative Writing Class
    week one -  01.30.12 thru 02.02.12

    Are you the kind of person that:

    A. Sees the world and must make mention of the ceiling above everyone, all the while telling them how far up it is and "You're definitely welcome that I noticed it for you because you weren't looking and not able to see it."

    B. Constantly bumps and thuds against that ceiling everyday of your life unknowingly, until it finally shatters, breaks into a thousand pieces and then stops, turns and apologize, saying: "Sorry, I had my headphones on and was focused on something else. Whoops. Really sorry 'bout that."

    add question mark.

    I've taken many Creative Writing classes through the years and I've always been keenly aware of my fellow students, but this time it's a little different. Hearing other people's struggle is the reward for participation.

    Before, it was about me and I was always caught up in some life or death struggle that had me half-distracted. Now, my writing has my full-attention and it's impossible for me to see everything through my own single lens. I'm always perplexed by people, older than myself who are still complete prisoners to themselves. It can be grotesque even. This must be the nexus of good horror, or it feels like it.

    Some say that we revert back to an infantile status as we age, but I think Aubrey DeGray would disagree, or at least hope to. I spend a lot of time thinking about aging, but that's my own cross.

    For me, it will be a challenge due to proximity. I usually keep a very long distance but discomfort is often the price of admission into many things.

    Managing a Creative Writing Class of 30 odd folks? Sounds incredibly exhausting. Thankfully, I have an instructor with the energy to handle it all. Some people seem born to it. The craft of writing needs more energetic people like that. I have had some previous instructors where it was like one of those Visene commercials with Ben Stein, literally. Glad to be back around people who want to write versus rowing around in a little boat by myself for the last two years.


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