• The Curious Case of Faul McCartney ...

    Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison

    Wow. After having just watched this in its entirety, I'm not just left speechless, but also a tad giggly. The problem with this documentary style, independent movie, is that the main premise that it tries very hard to sell is just poorly preformed and just wickedly untrue.

    The premise is that some random, non-essential production company (with a fake CG Logo on their building, ahem) in Los Angeles (of all places) receives an anonymous package in the mail containing a mini-cassette player and some tapes made by now-deceased Beatle, George Harrison (gasp!), and supposedly recorded while he was in hospital after being stabbed by the much publicized intruder in 1999. These tapes, made approximately a year before his death (of lung cancer which had spread throughout his body and brain) reveal a vigourous, non-laboured sounding Harrison recounting his life in a 'documentary styled' and much rehearsed manner. His tonality in this made him a shoe-in replacement for Art Bell or any other late-night talk-show radio host. Who knew he had it in him, lol?

    The real problem is that, having grown up in England myself, and have been living in America for some time, I've heard ever manner of fake British / Irish / Welsh / Scottish accent under the sun and many imitations through the years of every Beatle band member. While this person narrating tries hard, it's just far too obvious based upon inflection, word pronunciation, a lack of consistency with several different words that you just find yourself asking how someone could take themselves so serious and believe for even a minute that this would be passable. The voice-over is also remastered in stereo, just in case you were wondering.

    If George Harrison would've decided to sit down and narrate some devious plot regarding the Beatles, it likely would've sounded much different as the story he weaves is sophomoric on its face and not the most cogent. A nefarious plot revolving around some unnamed MI5 agent code-named 'Maxwell' (Allo, silva hamma, then darlings?) weaves through the entire story and even leaves a shadowy hand on the death of John Lennon. Gasp! Sigh.

    In too many places, this movie tries way too hard when it really doesn't have to. The reports that were made and the facts regarding the Fake Paul or Faul, as he's constantly referenced in the movie, should just be covered as-is. Yes, there was REAL hysteria about Paul McCartney's supposed 'untimely death' that started in the late 60's. Okay, so just sell us that.

    Even though the Fake Paul / Faul is unmasked in this as the Scottish William Campbell, who won a look-a-like contest, the so-called George Harrison doesn't really give much detail about Faul past "John thought it would be a good idea to have a stand-in for awhile." Add in a bit about plastic surgery and ... boom ... moving on. Really? Oh, yeah ... MI5!

    So, after an automobile accident one dark and stormy night / early morning, November 9th 1966, Paul leaves the recording studio angry after having an argument with John (in earlier newspaper reports through the years however, he had this so-called argument with Ringo; just sayin') and then crashes his white Austin Healey after picking up a girl named Rita who was walking in the rain. Yep. "Took her home, nearly made it." Oh yes, prepare yourself for lyric analysis to which you haven't seen the depths of before, photographic evidence, historical record and endless back-masking. The whole detailed plot of slow-leaking led by Lennon himself.

    If I was Paul McCartney -- and not Faul McCartney, or any one of his many children, I'd likely be upset about all this and want to have a conversation about those so-called tapes. But if it's fraudulent, then why would he even bother? Who knows? Remember when Neil Armstrong punched that reporter in the face for suggesting the Moon landing was a fake? Yeah, it would likely go like that. Better to avoid that lawsuit, haha.

    I gave this movie 4 stars because, honestly, if you're a Beatles fan and you're curious, then you should watch this as it is good entertainment and even while it's a bit contrived and less convincing than previous efforts (and there have been others) this is something to see and have a good chuckle at. So many other movies ask us to suspend our belief from tap-dancing, talking penguins to some surfer guy caught in the Matrix. Let's not be so serious, shall we?




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