• 2010 ... We All Need The Clowns ... To Make Us Smile ...

    Several people emailed me ... yes, that's a Nagel.

    For several years I've made some comments about the year previous, only because I realized that I had people actually reading this blog and checking it from time to time. That in itself has always been something that trips me out. I usually check the stats via the trackers and discover that hundreds of people read this -- and I'm not adding much in the way of updates, either. So, it's just something I needed to remark upon.

    2010 was a pretty troubling year for me as some of you might know. Yeah, I had a book deal and Greyhound blasted out of the terminal and has been doing remarkably well and been doing consistent numbers, even eight months later. I'm thankful for all the support and the readership which has been a blessing. Sometime later this year, perhaps April or May, Greyhound should be going Worldwide and getting a much larger field of distribution. Also, sometime this summer, hoping that everything that is going on behind the curtain, goes according to plan, you should see my book hitting the shelves in Target. What more could you ask for other than a national award or a few interviews? I ain't complaining.

    This year was a bit tough though, as I'm still in school trying to get all my prerequisites for Nursing School out of the way, and many of them are time consuming. The obvious question is: "Doesn't that cut into your writing time?" Well, the answer is 'yes', of course it does. But life is very long, I'm 39 and things need to be prioritized. I'm not making Stephen King coin, or anything close with my books so it's wise to have a day-to-day gig to keep me out of harms way. Some of the classes that I'm taking, are classes that I've already taken. I've gone all the way through Calculus before, but now I'm forced to retake all three sections of Algebra, and being honest here, as I've gotten older, the work has become much harder – even with ample amounts of coffee and a paid tutor. My heart also isn't as deep into it as I was ten years ago going to school. Not by a long shot. I just want to write, but I gotta provide.

    Some of my Professors have been stumbling blocks, and probably have done so knowingly, while others have been incredibly inspiring. Getting through school is more about learning how to deal with a bureaucracy than it is about actual learning. That seems to be the repeating lesson these past three semesters. All teachers are not equal -- as it is in life -- and must be understood as such. Hopefully, I'll be done with all 60 units by summer and will submit my package for nursing School for next January. Yes, it requires that much time and planning --- just to get in.

    2010 also began with me getting another serious bout of Pneumonia. I was told by my doctor at the time, as I've gotten Pneumonia almost every year since 2006, that one more serious bout with it, would likely be my last. Thus I spend a lot of time outside in the sun and exercising (which I loathe). I guess it's just one of those things you have to live with and it forces you to stay strong and be as healthy as possible. It does make me vigilant, but I'm only human and I'm often overwhelmed. I've been told by many that I try to do too much and I appreciate the remarks, but I gotta be me and I just believe I'll get through it. Chronic back pain and all – and yes, that's another ongoing story. Health wise, 2010 was the worst year for me, but I'm still here. This year, I'm determined to turn it around.

    I also began this year by deleting both my Facebook and old Myspace accounts. Who uses Myspace anymore, anyway? For the record, I actually liked MySpace better, but too many people abused it with junking up their pages with flashing unicorns and having hundreds of friends who were all people like 'Edgar Allen Poe' or 'Steve Gutenberg', when in fact those people – weren't those people at all, but just someone else creating a profile in their likeness. Haha … anyway.

    So far, nobody that I used to talk to on Facebook everyday has even sent me an email or likely noticed that I'm gone, and that's the real disturbing aspect of Facebook. It's a collosal waste of time and more centered on the self than it is the community, as it was supposedly intended. It's like crack with no high, or masturbation with no climax. Trust me, I know. We all got better things to do.

    So, It's been four days and I haven't heard from anyone. I'm cool with it, but now I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to do with all the extra free hours I have. It's hard to imagine how unproductive things like that truly are. I'm very accessible if anyone needs to contact me on the internet as I have a website and this blog. Sometimes you just gotta pull the plug. Mindlessly staring at the screen for hours is a drag anyway, and most of the conversations are either forgettable or just plain silly. I won't miss it, and very likely, it won't miss me.

    But on a better note, 2011 should be a good year for my writing as I'm coming to the final stages of writing with several of my new books. I've covered 1991-1993 in one book, 1983-1987 in another and 1993-1995 in a third. I've also fleshed out most of 1995-1997 and 2002-2004 and also have thorough notes about my “expedition” back in 2006. I know that sounds weird reading it, but if you know me and you know what I write about, and how I write, you'll get it and likely be interested. I've also got a few movie projects this year which should be cool as one should go into filming this year, as well as some overseas interest in my other book Yellow Fever which looks to be adapted into a foreign film. Go figure.

    If I've learned anything this year, at all, … it's not to give advice. So I won't. It's taken a long time to learn that as well. Subtlety is the real key in all things and most relationships. So instead of wisdom, I'll just wish you all the best and say 'thank you' one more time for reading the books and reaching out.

    All the best …


    My sister, Beanie, digs this song a lot. Interestingly enough, there's several shots of the bus driving up to Alaska in this video.


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