• Where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes.

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    Currently, all over the united States, simultaneously, people are engaged in their local elections. Signs are sprouting up everywhere trying to seat their name in your mind as deep as possible so that on election day, November 02nd, you'll remember it and then punch the box for their name. Even if they're the absolute worst person for the job or the last person who will protect your interests. In fact, many of the people who will be running for the most innocuous of these positions have the most to gain and equally cause you, the voter, the most harm.

    I read earlier today a remark that said that the appearance of people like Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin was a deeper plot to overturn the 19th Amendment. To be fair, I can also think of several Democrats that fit that description as well. While the remark was definitely tongue-in-cheek, the point was pretty clear. We really do elevate fools into rich heroes in this country as Charles Bukowski remarked many years ago. The real power of office is through voting, but as a collective body we seem to have zero skill in electing decent, or even passably safe politicians. All of them, lately, seem to be turning into some nuevo version of Scroop, Cambridge and Grey from Henry V who would've sold their country into ruin if they hadn't met with intervention. Gone are simpler times of politics. Good luck chasing these people down and 'pinning it on them', because direct culpability is unlikely.

    Locally, we already have “regular people” running for political seats in the Coachella Valley whose first act is to defiantly break the law. The city code specified a date for the proliferation of Campaign signage across the Coachella Valley where I live, but these signs went up and started appearing all over three weeks before they were allowed. If you're running a campaign of honesty and integrity, I would say you just lost.

    The weekend before the signs were allowed to be posted, I saw city workers from both Rancho Mirage and Cathedral City going around throwing these signs into the backs of their tracks to dispose of them. It's probably no big deal to some of these candidates blowing twenty thousand dollars on signs as the money that paid for those signs likely came from a business interest that runs opposite to the voter. Like someone who currently has the backing of the Farming Industry in the region, and who has already raised the rates on your water bill twice already. But hey, it's no big deal, you can all afford it. Right?

    If there's one thing that's been made clear in this era, it's that we seem to be incapable of governing ourselves appropriately. Self government looks to be the biggest failure of Western civilization because there just is no incentive to bring prosperity to the those around us. People who run for office often say they're running for the good of the people, but statistically it just seems not to be true. Gordon Gecko and his 'Greed is Good' mantra has become the mainstream norm. If you're not in it for yourself, then you probably need to check yourself. While there is no substitute and total control is never good, it is the only system we have. As long as people chose to remain uninformed or find their direction through people and businesses that would rather drag you, and everyone you know, through the muck, rather than correctly inform, it's going to be longtime before most politicians can sleep easy at night.

    But hey, I only got one vote, right? Hahaha ...



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