• Look up ... what do you see? ...


    1. This says more about the state of television in America than just about anything I've seen in recent years. Can you imagine this on TV today? Even on PBS?

    2. They wouldn't air a performance like this today. It's just too raw for the modern audience. He's a bit nervous and obviously shy to boot.

      The performance is pure gold, of course, and TV is increasingly more and more about promoting beauty, even in the reality shows. Kerouac and Bukowski would politely be shown the side of the stage these days -- or lathered in self-tanner. Kerouac wouldn't want to be touched and Bukowski probably would be too boozed out to notice and they would send in a young thang to put it on him, which he would be all about, haha.

      ps. I appreciated your review and put much consideration to it.