• Greyhound signed copy giveaway ...

    I'll be giving away three (3) signed copies of my book Greyhound as a thank you to the readers for having such strong sales numbers and for generating such an overwhelmingly positive response to the book in the last 90 days.

    All you have to do is submit a photo (of your own -- not from the internet) of a Greyhound Bus, a Greyhound Bus Station or you in a Greyhound Bus Station, on a bus or next to a bus. Clear? That's it. Just a single photo.


    Please be advised that I am aware of almost every Greyhound Bus photo that's been taken, posted and archived on the internet. I've diligently researched my book and everything available on the net, so I will be familiar with it if I see something that is not your own. Please send only original photos that are yours. It easier being honest. Trust me.

    I will post your photo on my blog with your name attached for the world to see and be amazed by. It should be interesting to see something rare or from a era long gone.

    Please do not email me questions about pics from your phone or the like. I will pick the three best photos and award the books to those people which may or may not include you. ;)


    1. Submit Photo (JPEG format) via email to my email address with your name and address where you want the book shipped to. I will obviously not post your address or make it public in anyway (example will be: Brodie from Altoona, PA)

    2. Contest submission period runs from 09/01/10 to 09/11/10. No purchase necessary. Three winners will be announced 09/13/2010.

    3. Contest open to readers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and the EU.

    4. You do not have to subscribe to my blog, facebook page, twitter account or anything else. If you want to -- cool. If not, no big deal.



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    2. Would have loved to have the chance to win, but not a GReyhound in sight, as I live in the country *sigh*. I did send an email though...Rock on, I love the blog!