• Moving up the charts ...

    ... but still far beyond the stars ...

    I was a little shocked to learn earlier tonight that my book, even if temporarily, has topped out as the number 1 best selling AmazonEncore book. These ratings are based upon the Amazon Sales rankings, and it's far from number 1 overall and far from a bestseller at 15,498, but be advised, these numbers are constantly moving and always fluid. 

    I think the goal is for AmazonEncore to have as close to a best-seller as possible, if not an out-right best-seller. These are goals that seem obvious when weighing the emerging presence of a new publisher making a name for themselves. I hope my book Greyhound can do this. Honestly. Seriously. Why not? I think this is actually the same thought that every Encore author has for themselves. Breaking below the 10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 mark is no easy task, but the closer Greyhound gets to that, the higher the likelihood that it will create enough interest and really take off.

    Best-sellers stay at the top for some time and not just periodically, so getting there is one thing, but staying there will be something else. On Monday morning, the day before the book came out, I awoke to a buzzing grassroots campaign being undertaken by several people I know from Facebook, blogger and several Amazon Forums, all of them spreading the word about the release and shooting my name into wider concentric circles moving outwards, mention by mention. Seeing something like this happen is quite eye-opening. Friends taking it upon themselves to promote your work doesn't happen everyday. It's good to have a 'netwurk,' as they say. There's the proof. Most of these folks are writers themselves, too, while many are readers, librarians, and book enthusiasts (does such a thing exist?), like Gae Polisner, Megan Bostic, Becky Kyle, Richard Hine, Chris Sithi Danette Piper and many others.

    I've said many times how thankful I am, but let me repeat it, because I am. Thank you. Hopefully in the coming weeks word will get further and deeper -- and interest will peak in places where readership will really make a difference. On the map so far, I'll be featured in in the May edition WritingRaw.com answering their 7 Question Interview. I would like to tell you that NPR, Oprah and the New York Times are calling, but I'll just have to wait.


    1. I can't wait to read it, honestly. I have a great feeling about this book, and I pray you're on the couch with Oprah or the next Oprah, whoever she may be. :) Heartfelt best of luck, Steffan!

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