• Anticipation ...

    alternate cover art - mock up version

    I was informed earlier this morning by a friend of mine in publishing and journalism that my upcoming book Greyhound is one of the most anticipated releases that's being talked about for the spring. Apparently, the word in New York is that it's a must-read. April 6th is the day.

    Folks at two studios and two different production companies, that I'm not going to name, are all considering purchasing the rights. There's absolutely no way this could be a bad year by any stretch of the imagination.

    Not to be cynical, but just hopeful ... that would nice to see happen for sure. I'm all about it.


    1. so exciting, Steffan. You go!!!

    2. This is great news Steffan.

    3. Wow, Stephan--but that really doesn't surprise me...
      ...continued best wishes to you...