• Where everything goes to die ...

    The low desert will be the blanket that gets folded in upon the shore of whatever time we all have left together.

    Obviously no way to hide the speckles from the CCD sensor, regardless of the manipulation. I took a bunch of nighttime astrophotography shots of the stars this evening while lying out on the deck and having a beer. I wasn't happy with any of them as they were interesting, but not quite clear enough for me. Maybe I'll post a few on Facebook later.

    I got this earlier today while tooling around the neighborhood. For some reason, I find this vacant and abandoned lot of palm trees fascinating. For the record, I live in Palm Desert, California, but this is in Rancho Mirage, a few blocks over.

    Out here, on the perimeter ... you can get caught in retrograde, no problem.


    1. very natural picture, meng. reminds me of area 51!

    2. Yeah ... it looks just like that in real life, lol.

      How dare you!!