• Telephone line ...

    I don’t know what it is about the rain, heavy skies and flash floods around me, but I seem to be a little more productive on the days that it falls.

    I scratched this out a few moments ago. Probably worthless, but it made me laugh.

    Following orders from on high

    Like static, email or snow

    You don’t seem to get it

    You don’t seem to know

    I can’t help it if I hear it

    I can’t help it if I fail

    I just don’t want to be without it

    I don’t want to be alone

    You never ask me for directions

    You never let me drive

    You act content just to watch me

    But don’t acknowledge I’m alive

    Is it so damn hard just to be held

    Is it impossible to be loved

    I didn’t ask for all this discomfort

    When I thought my life was like a glove

    If I’m told tomorrow morning

    That it’ll be my time to go

    Don’t come rushing in for forgiveness

    I’ve given more than you’ll ever know


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