• Taking Pics of the TV ...

    Spending inordinate heaps of time alone, one finds new things to do in the middle of the night that have a semi-interesting veneer about them. 'Television Photography' is one of the habits that seem to keep resurfacing for me, it's much more rewarding than some other things that come to mind, ahem. Maybe it's capturing moving images in low-light, or the allusion of it, that I find engrossing. I don't know. I was never a good photographer, but I wasn't that bad either. Perhaps the jury is still out on that one.

    And, yes ... I still watch Notting Hill whenever the opportunity arises. Nothing like a cuppa tea during the witching hour as well. Someone I know is doing a photo a day for a year. Let's see if I can match wits with him. I took this at 11:50pm PDT.

    Do I have to post it before the end of the day, too?


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