• Not many days like this ...

    The final galley / proof of the book came today in the mail for me to look at and give the thumbs up to. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to see this and to start getting a grip on the fact that it's soon to be published. I had a small hiccup of elation earlier tonight as I was sitting on the couch going through the edits while watching Seraphim Falls. I had watched that film several times while I was actually writing Greyhound and here I am, getting ready to thrust it out into the world en masse.

    I'll save the monologue for a later time for sure. I had several minutes of one streaming through my head most of the day but never wrote most of it down. It's cool. I know what I wanted to say. I wanted to mention that song 'Hold on' by Wilson-Phillips, the film The Prestige and the opening narration about a magic trick and my desire for the readers to be moved. I think that's summary enough.

    Today was a long day that started at 6:15am, but was a very pleasant one spent with family, giggling children and getting the book. I have nada to complain about so I guess I better just enjoy it and continue writing.



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