• "Germs? What germs?" ...

    Had his mother been with us today, she would've said something like:

    "Get off the ground! Oh my God, the germs!" -- Mini

    However she would said all that in 'all caps' as she would've shouted and gone on a tirade about 'everything being dirty.'

    It was either a trip once more to The River ... or up to Chiriaco Summit. Hey, why not?


    1. That's nothing...my friend let her 20month finish a cookie that he'd half eaten, placed on the ground (in a coffee shop), ran over with his truck, left for 15mins, and then returned.

      She picked it up and handed it right to him.

      I'm all for the ten-second rule, but even I was freaked out by what I witnessed.

    2. LOL Steffan. When I ran day care, I had parents like that. Don't let them go outside. Um, really? No outdoors. The world is the child's playground and school.