• Okay, I did sit down ...

    So I said the motto of the day was 'not to sit down', given to me by Gae Polisner, but I had to for my quarterly teeth cleaning. I also had to drive my car, go potty and type a few things, like this, on the puter. Alas ... the plans of mice and men ... ;)

    And I think I better clean the lens on my camera, too.


    1. Everyone went to the dentist today. How can that be? All the chairs must have been full of my facebook friends.

    2. As Forrest Gump once so succinctly said: "It happens." ;)

    3. Anonymous3:12 PM

      i sat today too much after a crazed start of productivity and no sitting, the late afternoon fell apart. damned chairs and damned facebook. Tomorrow is another day not to sit.

      I can only post anonymously (?) so i always leave my name. Standing or sitting.


    4. You should be able to post under any pseudonym you have if they connect with any of those account options.

      Facebook will be the end of all of us, I think. ;)