• I sleep on the left side ...

    I rarely sleep on this bed anymore as I camp out in the other room with Fox every night. But when the house is empty and all is quiet, the needs are thus ...

    Remedy for current messed-up back problem:

    1. Medrol
    2. Naprosyn
    3. Cuppa tea
    4. Book
    5. Low light
    6. Quiet
    7. Caravaggio, somehow



    1. absolutely sexy.
      this is what santa claus must look like when taking breaks :P

    2. I do as much 'giving' as I can. And I don't just limit myself to one night a year, either.

      But that's not why I have back problems, haha. Far from it.


    3. Feel for you with the back problems, just messed mine up again. I need to realize sometimes that I'm not superhuman. I'm just a 40 year old woman.

    4. We're both far too young to be toiling under the pain of back FAIL. Get better.