• Eats Lunch Alone ...

    So, after waiting 15 minutes to get $9 spring rolls and 25 minutes to get a $9 bowl of Pho, that was more onions than noodles, with no cartilage or tripe, (which sells at Wal-Mart for $2 for 3 lbs of the stuff), a shriveled sprig of wilted basil and only two little meatballs cut into four pieces, I asked myself after I was done:

    Why do I keep going back to this place?

    Answer: It's the only restaurant in Palm Desert or the Coachella Valley that serves up Pho. Vietnamese food is scarce in these parts. It's just incredible that no one has opened up a real Vietnamese restaurant out here. How spoiled we expatriated Angelino's are. I never thought I'd hear myself say that. I'm no food snob either.

    These people are begging me to resurrect my Yelp Reviewing account and lay into them proper. I also have the power to mobilize the troops and just lay seige to this place with bad reviews. Do you think it would affect them? Hmmm ... probably ... and very quickly.

    I'm also tired of the waitstaff acting like there's a funeral going on in the kitchen. I can't believe I pay to eat there, sit at the table and try to feign like I'm enjoying my meal. The old white lady they have waiting tables seems disinterested, depressed and downright disengaged. She's also completely out of place to boot. Sorry, has to be said. Everyone needs a job. Good for you, but everything has its place as well. If this was my restaurant, and I had this person interfacing with my customers, I'd be just asking to sink into the red. Shameful.

    Maybe I don't need to do anything, maybe this place will just implode on itself in short order. The truth is that is won't, as it's still the only place out here to get Pho and beggars can't be chooser's -- as the old saying goes.


    1. wow, this makes me sad. if only vietnamese people could stand the dessert you'd have more pho restaurants out there!

    2. From an original Bo Be Mon descendant, herself! Gam ung!

      There are a lot of Vietnamese folks out here and every conversation I have, I always bring up the need for 'real -- un-Westernized food.'

      I'll be honest, here. I went on a three page rant about the evils of Westernizing food and keeping a business lucrative -- from my limited perspective -- and thusly deleted it -- haha.

    3. uhh..feel your pain..even in LA it's not up to snuff compared w/ little saigon or what you can make at home :)

    4. I can't disagree with you about the quality of Vietnamese food in Los Angeles, but there are probably hundreds (?) of -- very good places -- to eat in the city and along the coast like in Orange County and San Diego.

      I think the biggest problem with Los Angeles is a place called 'Los Feliz' or 'Silver Lake' (same animal - different cage) and the Vietnamese restaurants they have that cater to Americans, that look, feel and smell authentic but are pretty far from it. But who am I to judge what makes something both trendy and successful and if it's 'real'? I'm Irish.

      It's good that Gen Y and Gen X is getting further exposed to better ways to eat and Vietnamese food, inarguably tops most fare as far as good for you and quality, but when I'm taken to some of trendy places, all I can do is scratch my head and question why.

      I think my biggest problem (with me) is that I'm very skeptical of anything that bills itself as *cuisine*. Some of these people think that because they put a table cloth under a circle of glass it's cuisine.

      Wow, don't I sound like an obnoxious flight attendant today. LOL.

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