• Beneath the noise, below the din ...

    I guess for some people, this is what the extent of love is. Not bad, but it's not the purpose that drives us. EDIT: Well, er ... I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't driven by lust. I think it's a natural thing to be effected and pushed by. But there's much more to love than physical intimacy and unadulterated sex. It can't be the only thing in your life where love is concerned, it also cannot be absent.

    Someone told me recently to stop spending all my time thinking about love and that real love doesn't exist. I think they were myopically only thinking in terms of romantic love, but that's them and not me.

    Some of the things I get told throughout the day are mind-numbing. What's even more earth-shattering is that these are exactly the things that I write about in books. These are the the things I focus on because they shape the outcomes of everyone's lives and the direction that people take getting from zero to sixty. I always thought it was easier for me to do this work instead of the masses because of the pain that's associated with it, however it's something else when people tell you that the things you think about are meaningless.

    I have a very hard time subscribing to foolish things like that not because of the amount of love I've experienced in life, but the lack of it. That might sound a bit jaded or even selfish, but it is what it is. Sometimes I can be tossed around by my tail depending on the position of my self-esteem. When love becomes a precious stone, you will value it. Or at least I will. So where does that leave us?

    Love. What is it? Well, let me just say a few things about it.

    Love is the current that you've been riding on everyday of your life. Love is even the air that you breath. The fact that you think that it doesn't surround you is only a short-coming of yours, not mine. Love is what holds every cell in your body together and what makes you want to get out of bed when the sun peeks over the valley. Love is the process of life keeping you company and healing you when you're sick. Love is the thousands of ancestors of yours that came before, survived, lived and got through life so that you could be here today and tell me that love doesn't matter.

    Things like this really make my blood boil. Why? Because writing is the thing that keeps me alive. Well, music, too, but hey I know what's in the main, so to speak. I also know the difference between a hawk and hand-saw, even though I'll never be given credit for it. I think my problem is that I never respond to these kind of statements. I never say a word. I just struggle to not show anything on my face and politely nod as if I were in agreement. It's like that line from Cool Hand Luke: "Some people ... you just can't reach." And I know this. Moreso than I know myself.

    God I need your help tonight

    Beneath the noise
    Below the din
    I hear your voice
    It's whispering
    In science and in medicine
    "I was a stranger, you took me in"

    The songs are in your eyes
    I see them when you smile
    I've had enough of romantic love
    Yeah, I'd give it up, yeah, I'd give it up
    For a miracle, miracle drug



    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      im reading, steffan.


    2. I know you are, Gae. Bless your heart.

      Remember: 'No sitting!' ;)