• After 17 years ... that's it ...

    I vividly remember the very first show the night it aired. I watched it, I laughed and the only thought I really had was that I could relate to this guy and his ridiculous humour.

    I've been watching this show frequently ever since. Not since Tom Snyder has there been anyone in Late Night this engaging.

    It really is a shame that more celebrities haven't stood up in protest over this and come out on the side of Conan. Whatever the reasoning is, it smacks more of 'revenge' than anything else. And that's no way to run anything, except yourself, and that would be directly into the ground.

    Whether you're on one side or the other, forcing someone out of a gig is pretty unforgivable, no matter how you cut it. So what's next? All these Celebs are going to keep quiet and just ignore the dust-up -- and then go on the last remaining show in L.A. with the schoolyard bully to promote their films? That's creepy and wrong if that's what the mindset is.

    There should be some type of penalty to Leno for this, like a boycott by everyone that would normally go on the show until either Conan returns, which I think is unlikely now, or until after September. While Conan is at the top of his game right now, he may not want to return to a high-stress, full-time show in the future. Especially with $45 Million and a family to spend time with.

    Leno trying to change his tune to save his image is laughable and incredibly base. He very confidently stated that he wanted to go on to do other things within Show Business and not hold the spot forever.

    NBC blew over $100 Million dollars bringing in Conan to that time slot and Los Angeles, then stabbing him in the back and being forced to pony up severance. If anyone should be fired or let go, it should be the person (Dick Ebersol / Jeff Zucker - EPIC FAIL) responsible for bleeding the network for a cool hundred mil.

    $50 Million for the new studio and set.
    $20 Million plus for all the advance and standard advertising for Conan.
    $45 Million for the exit.

    Haha ... looks like Conan came out on top and NBC got what they deserved.

    I guess they forgot that the same people who were watching Friends and Seinfeld were 'also' watching Conan O'Brien - and NOT Leno.


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