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    Just wanted to post how jazzed I felt today because I got everything together and decided to finally take the plunge with the Amazon Kindle DX.

    Having used the first generation reader for a short period of time during the beta phase, I was impressed and always at the tipping point of purchasing. With the advent of Kindle 2 earlier this year, some of us who have been waiting weren't very impressed with the second generation, and backed away. I'm speaking for myself here, but i've heard countless stories of the same thing from others. I'm just glad I waited.

    The new DX comes out on June 17th and I'll be watching my front door like a hawk waiting for that overnight delivery shipment thanks to Amazon Prime. I can't begin to tell any of you how backed up I am with my ebook reading lately and this should really nip the problem in the bud once and for all.

    As I get older, sitting in front of my wonderfully large, bright and colorful collection of computer monitors just doesn't work as online reading now gives me headaches and has dramatically affected my vision. I should wear glasses all the time, but never having worn them before, I find it hard to get into the habit. I've known people that could fall asleep with glasses on and even some that repeatedly fell asleep with their contacts in, but I just can't seem to get into glasses. My peripherial vision is too strong and too acute and I have to train my eyes to not 'see' everything in the room in order just to keep them on for ten minutes at a time.

    But that's my story with glasses. This is probably the coolest purchase I've made all year. With all the money I spend too, like water somtimes, I probably should've done this sooner.

    And for anyone wondering. I chose this picture of Picard, because in several of the Star Trek: Next Generation episodes, way back in the early 1990's, he was always seen reading and studying on something that looked very much like a Kindle. I just couldn't find a picture anywhere. This one will have to do. It has a sense of urgency to it. Doesn't it?

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