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    Well, May 15th has come and gone, as has the 27th, and a winner was picked, but alas it wasn't I.

    On the Amazon Breakthrough Novel main page, a video was put up by Penguin that highlighted some of the comments regarding a few of the books. Greyhound got a total of eight specific mentions, two by title. In fact, the only one mentioned by title, but let's be honest as it's difficult to talk about my book without mentioning it.

    One of the editors said that it was like a elegy to Greyhound, poetic. I was appreciative as it's a nice comment. The video is still up for now if you want to see it.

    It could be interpreted that I took 4th, which isn't bad, so I walk away semi-satisfied. No hard feelings. But I do feel like the guy left to sweep up at the end. Nothing new there. I've got a nice collection of brooms anyway.

    I just want to say thank you one last time to everyone that was pulling for me, wrote a review, contacted me or just read the excerpt. I'm nothing without a reader.

    One day ... one day ...



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