• Ten Novels in two years ...

    Well, I may regret blogging this, but I've put my foot in my mouth so often over the years I can tell you how old a pair of Chuck Taylor's are blindfolded.

    So, starting today, I'll be working towards a very definite and very expansive goal. Simply put, it's ten novels in two years. I should be more than half way there by mid-December, so I think it's possible.

    Why? Who knows? Other than the fact that I'll be happy to get some of these projects done and off my desk and really clean my mind and the mental palette so to speak.

    Here are a list of titles so far. Some are works in progress, some are pretty far along, some are just index cards and some are only nuerons across the synaptic reef:

    1. Exit
    2. Waiting For Andre
    3. All My Suicides
    4. White Trash
    5. Late August Haiku
    6. The Shitbird
    7. Black Night Green Felt
    8. Blood Bank Refugee
    9. Steffan and Sarah
    10. Winona Ryder at 4am


    1. Good luck, Steffan!

      Not that the others don't sound interesting, but #6 is probably something I would pick up immediately off of a book store shelf.

    2. Thanks, Samantha.

      First, I just want to say how much I miss D.C.. Second, I'll update as I go. Keep in touch and when I'm done with it, i'll always need an early reader.

      All the best ...