• ABNA - Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinals ...

    I just want to post a note of thanks to everyone that has supported my efforts in the 2009 Amazon breakthrough Novel Award and also let folks know that Greyhound has been thankfully pushed into the quarterfinals. Out of a possible 10,000 entrants/books, it's down to the remaining 500.

    After waiting around the computer all day like a zombie looking for a limb, the results finally posted just after 10:00pm PDT. Which are here. The wait was excruciating, to say the least, and many folks that I've been in repeated contact didn't make it through. So it's both a sad thing in one aspect, but a step forward for the rest of us. 

    Now it's a waiting game for April 16th to see who makes into the next round. I have high hopes for the book and have my fingers crossed that it'll make it as far along as possible.

    So many people helped me along the way with the editing, the companionship, the advice and the late-night phone-calls. I owe you.

    I think I'm going to do something a little different with the blog for the remainder of the contest. I have no cute latin aphorism for this moment. Insert one of choice.


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