• Mothman phonecalls ... again

    A few years ago, I was getting the strangest phone calls at the house. I didn’t think anything about them and always hit delete after hearing static. Once, I played one of the messages to a friend and it really ‘bothered’ the person to no end. But, my friend is a bit 'less skeptical' than I am and thus I dismissed it entirely. 

    Well, the problem continued and I kept getting the calls on the answering machine all the time. I recorded two of them onto a hand-held voice recorder and transferred them to my computer and uploaded them to my myspace page for kicks. That was back in May of 2007. 

    Here’s the link to my myspace blog from 05.22.07. : Myspace Blog

    Well, it’s 2009 and I’ve just started getting these calls again. And again, from 000-000-0000. I don’t know what to make of it, but they do have a creepiness to them that’s all their own. I’m not one to put much stock in stuff like this but -- stranger things have happened. 

    I’ve reposted the two calls from 2007 below, just in case the ones on myspace don’t play, or you just don’t like to visit myspace (matter of fact, I don’t like myspace either), so here they are. The call I received earlier tonight is almost an exact duplicate as well.

    Mothman call #01

    Mothman call #02

    I'm just posting this just in case I hit the lottery tonight or something else occurs. I'm usually not the type for this style of tomfoolery and bombast, but ... you never know. I doubt I'll be hearing from John Keel.


    1. I removed most of the noise and isolated a speech pattern, but can't make out what's being said.

    2. Wow. An old post gets new life. Would love to hear these isolations.