• Headaches, extraordinaire ....

    Well, the new edition has finally posted to Amazon but it's not yet available for sale. Not everything is as instantaneous as one would think in our 'all-digital' age.

    The old edition is strangely back in business and can be bought, but several customers have already reported that Amazon is sending them the Laurie Halse Anderson book Fever 1793. No one can be paid on the book either, so Amazon is pocketing the surplus just like Richard Pryor collected all those pennies in Brewster's Millions.

    Oh well ... what can you do? Hopefully we'll have that old listing made 'unavailable' soon. How anyone could confuse those two books is also beyond me.

    More information related to the book and the Amazon generated cover art with 'Search Inside The Book' capabilities will probably be ready within the next two weeks. And it's a shame that they've done away with the reading statistics, because the book scored pretty high on all the scales. It registered at a University Level of comprehension. I guess the only person to care about that kind of stuff is probably the author.

    For some unknown reason the ISBN submission process took an eternity, while it usually only takes a few weeks - tops. Many already know that we're heading into three months on this end of the project waiting for the book to populate, but that's how it is when you're an independant on at the mercy of steely-eyed big business.

    There are a lot of changes, adjustments and alterations to the new edition and I'm very happy with the end result. Well, almost. Some are aware of the name change of the male protagonist and a few folks who have already read it said they preferred the previous name. But that's a dark road to go down, so I'll just let it fall to all the new readers that encounter the book to see what their thoughts are. Some will discover the change, some won't be bothered, but most shouldn't be too off-put by it all. Overall, it should be a good reading experience for anyone with an open mind.

    So here we go into 2009 with renewed hopes.

    All the best to everyone ...



    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      University Level of comprehension? But which university? Could make a big difference given the standards at some universities these days. Let's put you at the Stanford University Level of Comprehension. Not that Stanford students should be exposed to "Yellow Fever"! Which makes me wonder why novels don't have a rating the way movies do?

      As to the delay getting your ISBN, perhaps Homeland Security is checking books now?

    2. Anonymous4:09 PM

      Renewed hopes into 2009. Maybe each morning, maybe each hour, ...

      What's needed for you is the hope for some true justice for fine art. I'd hate to see you turn to knocking out the kind of formulaic novels that show up among drug store bestsellers. Not that you might not be successful in that way(although there must be a lot of competition as one turns to mass standards).

    3. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Wait, I was just able to add the new YF to my shopping cart. I didn't purchase yet but it shows in my saved items (to buy later) and as a paperback. The universe is smiling on you. So is Jeff Bezos. He has quite a smile I hear.

    4. We'll see if the Universe is smiling on me or not. If everything ripples back into nothing or turns into a wave, that should be proof enough.