• An End to Anti-Intellectualism ...

    Change We Can Believe In ... Barack Obama
    Crown Publishing 2008

    There are a lot of historical speeches that have been given over the long history of our nation. Many of these speeches are available in various forms, from audio presentations, films or books. Most of these are collections of speeches by numerous presidents and world leaders, but this book is a collection of speeches from just one man, and all of them have been historic. Why? Because quite simply, we're going through the biggest historic upheaval in our nation since America broke away from England and the signing of the constitution.

    I think everybody with a pulse, a heartbeat or a shred of common sense now fully understands this.

    Barack Obama has not just been a lightning rod for the country or a catalyst to millions of new voters, but has emotionally motivated all those that have seen him speak at rallies or on television. A political movement like this hasn't been seen since either F.D.R. or John F. Kennedy.

    After the last two years, it would be near impossible to not know: 'Who is Barack Obama?' Unless you've either been hiding under a rock or purposefully turning your head from the bulk of the information streaming across the planet then you should know, without doubt, exactly who 'Barack Obama' is. If you honestly don't know, then you have an opportunity to find out with this book. And please understand, that not every person who runs for public office puts what they want to achieve in print and publish it. So, whether you like the man or not, everyone has an equal chance to know what his policies actually are, what his plans are and who he is without hearing it through the static of negative distortion.

    Maybe we should expect all of our public servants to provide voters with such publications on what they want to do for us. We would get more out of them if we did. Thus, this book is invaluable now and will be even more valuable in the future two, four and six years into his Presidency.

    I can imagine this book will be amended to reflect the speech from earlier tonight that was referred to as his 'Closing Argument'. For the last several months the nation has endured a more toned down version of Barack Obama, probably because some folks didn't too much care for his ability to orate. Unfortunately, when you have a simple message and it has truth to it, it is easy to tell and quickly disseminates. Why? Because people know the truth when they hear it. That may be a bit of a grandiose statement, but it does sum up the political environment that we've all been subjected to in the last two years. The problem though is that the last two years has been short on truth and long on hyperbole.

    It does bother me when I hear folks say 'he's really a slick talker', or any foolish derivation thereof. Barack Obama seems to be successfully taking on one of the biggest problems in our nation that hasn't yet been addressed (yes ... gasp ... if you can believe that).


    People have long been running in fear, and breaking down into fits of furious anger over it, but it looks as though it's day is finally come and the moral compass may just shift back to what once made our country great. Good leadership, smart and sound direction based on principle, intelligence and humanity and of course - compassion.

    This book is a must read that sheds the proper light on a coming Administration and the direction of our nation.


    1. I wish I had your faith that the tide was turning against anti-intellectualism here in the U.S.

      As to compassion? I awoke to see my neighbor has put up a "Yes on Pro 8" lawn sign.

      I fear in my lifetime I may never see the moral compass shift back, for the majority, to what made this country great? Did the majority ever have such direction themselves?

      As it is, whoever is elected President will face extraordinary challenges deepened by the policies of the Bush administration.

      Direction of our nation? The direction of the world may need increasing consideration and Obama may be best suited to address that - if he turns out to be - or is able to be given the drag of Washington - more than just a suit.

    2. I actually think it is. It would've neveer have been possible without the improbable, without the impossible and without confronting what needs confronting.

    3. You're a godsend, Steffan. When I am feeling down, I try to remember to come to his blog.