• My Life Outside of a Los Angeles Strip Club …

    Fellow readers …

    All year long, I've been sending out ARC's (advance reading copies) of my book for review to various readers, agents, newspapers, etc. Some people have responded by reading the book and posting their review of it on Amazon and elsewhere and for that I'm incredibly thankful. Some actually read it, but due to guidelines where they work, haven't posted a review. I'm 'unagented' is the term, I guess, therefore must be tossed in the trash by most and emailed, at best. Some email me back and say that they liked the book, or they read it and found it quite enjoyable and will pass it on if the opportunity arises, which apparently hasn't happened yet. Well, all I can say about that is that there’s no love lost on that front, even if it hasn’t happened or going to. It is what it is and I’m adult enough to handle rejection as I have been doing so for over a decade.

    I probably receive about 5 to 6 emails every weeks regarding the book from various people, friends and complete strangers. Some folks are curious about it, some people want to quote it or read it, some ask if there’s a screenplay and some ask if I found an agent yet, which I haven’t. I also have my own legion of dedicated stalkers / haters that feel somehow, I’ve have bruised them with this book and they’ve reached out to tell me this … repeatedly. Goes with the territory, I suppose.

    I just want to add that I currently have no more Advance Reading Copies left of Yellow Fever and you’ll either have to purchase it, or search through trash cans at your local City Newspapers to get one gratis.

    All the best ...


    June 14, 2008


    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      The title of this blog entry makes it sound like there is life outside of strip clubs. Is there? I'm running out of cash.

    2. Is their life 'after' a strip club, is probably the real question. Many would say: no.

    3. I suppose a specific question would be "Is there life after 'Yellow Fever'?" Apparently there is, as 'Greyhound' demonstrates. Congratulations.

    4. Cheers, mate ... all the best to you as well. Let's hope I can sell it now, haha.

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