• Yellow Fever ...

    Well, it’s been a long road with this book and it seems we’re close to the last few chapters in the process of the book moving into larger audiences. My goal is to have Yellow Fever picked up by a major publisher by the end of the year and slowly attract a core audience that has read and enjoyed the book. The Amazon sales rank numbers have been all over the map in the last few months, so it has been selling.

    Hopefully those of you who have read the book will leave something behind on Amazon reflective of the way you feel. Bad or good, in my opinion, any review is a positive thing. The whole point of a good story is to provoke an emotional response from the reader which leads to some type of lingering feeling or even just a few thoughts afterward. If it makes you question anything, which is harder than one might think, then the writer has done their job. I guess it’s easy for me to say that now, at the end, after I’ve spent the last five years writing the book and eight years planning it.

    The book that’s available for you now is an earlier draft that was submitted to iUniverse and was manipulated by them into what you see now. The book has since been re-edited and a few things were even rethought. The later version won’t be available to you as a reader until the book gets picked up later by larger interests, so these early copies may one day be worth something. On a side note, I deleted a chapter that wasn’t included into the current version early last year, where the female protagonist, Qianqian, goes to Thailand with Layden and catches him in a compromising situation with a few other girls. This chapter was purposefully left out as many of the early readers said that it was ‘too jarring’ to go to Thailand and took them away from the flow of the story. I wanted to say a few things on the scores of Europeans and aging Americans that go on sex trips to Asia, but left it out as it must be some one else’s story to tell. I actually agreed with them and removed it but I bring it up now as it has been re-inserted into the screenplay version of the book along with a few other differences. That’s the nature of adaptations, some things must change for the sake of pace and story.

    I’m currently working on a follow up to Yellow Fever called White Trash. It’s yet another indictment on modern popular American culture and examines friendships rather than sexual relationships as Yellow Fever does. Hopefully, this will be done by summer and I’ll have something else to bargain with later. Only one of the characters from Yellow Fever will be back for the sequel, other than myself, and I’m keeping quiet right now on who that is, but she should be just as engrossing the second time around; and no, it's not our friend with the BMW.

    Some of you might wonder about your own venture into publishing and authorship by utilizing POD as I, and many other emerging writers, have. While I have said in the past that my labors with POD have now come full circle and I won’t have anything else to put out via that channel, I may have to recant. In summer, I should be finished with a book that I have been working on almost religiously for the past three years and it’s not a book that I have any interest in trying to agent or sell through a larger vendor. I’ve novelized the German film Until the End of the World into a 300 page manuscript and will be putting the book out through POD for various reasons. I’m sure those at Warner Brothers wont be very happy with me, but as it’s an adaptation, there should be enough chagrin to go around. Everything should go according to plan unless lawyers start parachuting onto my property.

    Well, that’s enough for now. Please feel free to contact me regarding the book, your thoughts on the book, POD or anything else that’s on your mind and I’ll do my best to be a friend. The website is always up, streaming music, pictures and god knows what else, so there’s absolutely no reason to be a stranger.


    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      I didn't know a VF screenplay already existed. Maybe I should be searching Netflix for "Yellow Fever" now and then. Or checking rottentomatoes.com.

      I also didn't know about "Until the End of the World". So that's okay to do that? After I see your film version of VF, is it okay if I adapt it into a novel of my own? Or could I not wait for a movie and just directly adapt your VF to my VF? How can I do that and avoid plagarism, copy right violation or such legal issues. I'm pretty lazy and not much of a writer so the more I can lift ideas from elsewhere and get sentences legally from elsewhere the better. Maybe I should avoid doing my own novel or movie of VF and do "Yellow Fever: The Musical".

    2. My UTTEOTW Novel Adaptation will probably never leave my desk.

      People do that sort of thing all the time, I wouldn't fret. Just check out all the Star Trek Novels on Amazon.