• Back in the saddle, Companero's ...

    I just wanted to say a few words of thanks to everyone who showed up and footed the bill for the surprise 'Welcome Back' party at Gordon Birsch. I had a blast, despite the fact that I felt like death at the time. Slowly, back on the road to recovery. It was great to see all my friends in one place after what seemed to me, a very long time. For some of you guys, my absense was probably only momentary.

    I've also added a few shots from the shoot we did last weekend with Tai and Ian working Tai's Music Video project. I've been humorously referring to it as Tai Chan's Fantasy or 'Chantasy', yes ... I know, it does sound vulgar. I took over 700 shots but no need to post them all. Had a good time, nonetheless. It really is good to be back and working on different things that don't include hiking 15 miles a day or carrying a pack.

    I've also put in a few shots of the house that Mini and I have settled on out in Palm Springs. 3200 sq. ft., 5 beds, 3.5 baths, two living rooms, big pool, yada yada. Looking to move in and close on the deal in December - after they get the dang thing built. The weather in Palm Springs is awesome, we just spent the last few days out there relaxing and rejuvenating myself back to reality.

    Lots of cool things on the horizon and this summer should be a lot of fun, much love and many thanks for all the support while I was away.


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