• Damascus, Virginia ...

    Hello again ~

    Well, we finally made it into Damascus, Virginia. As most people comment, Damascus is the 1/3rd point along the trail and I'm very thankful to be here and to have made it here safely. The frostbite that I got going over Roan High Knob on my big-toe doesn't seem to be that bad and will probably heal. 'Bear' is doing good, eating well, and desperately trying to cut-down on the smoking. Some habits are hard to break, maybe his neck would be easier, just kidding.

    I would like to give out some thanks to everyone that we've met along the way and all the people that have helped us out in need. I'll do this in reverse order:

    1) Mini: my wife, fan and true supporter. I luv ya Bunny!!!

    2) All my friends in Los Angeles: Many thanks to you all for keeping in contact. Out here it's greatly appreciated.

    3) Bear: A new friend who is a great person to hike, raise hell and drink beer with.

    Now in reverse:

    4) Bob & Pat Peoples: Thank you for inspiring me about life and the longevity of the trail. Thank you for taking us in and telling us stories. It's also amazing that you flew with my father in England.

    5) CC & Packrat at The Greasy Creek Friendly: Thank you for your friendship, time and most of all the Pancakes. Best on the trail!!!!!

    6) Miss Janet: Thank you for helping me get past the flu, keeping us warm in dry, letting us get a chance to "wear cotton" and share some "Ol' Timey". Yuins are amazing and I look forward to coming through again.

    7) Elmer Hall @ the Sunnybank Inn: many thanks for the absolute best Vegetarian cooking I have ever eaten in my life. Hands down - bar none!

    8) Curtis Owen in Hartford, TN @ the Standing Bear Farm. Your place is amazing. Thank you for your friendship and all your advice. Everything you said and warned us about came true. You should put out a guide. I look forward to coming back.

    9) Lincoln & Vic Zeilman: We met you in the Smoky's at Icewater Spings and we keep expecting to see you come jumping out ready to hike at some unexpected turn to surprise us. Your generosity and friendship was and always will be appreciated.

    10) Gerald Stiles: Thank you for calling my wife once you got back home from Newfound Gap and told her that we were doing good and that the storm hadn't beaten us down too badly.

    11) Alpine: Thanks bro, you're awesome. Bear and I look forward to doing some more hiking with you further on up the road. Go heavy!

    12) Ron & Sam @ The Hiawassee Inn: Thank you for helping us with our errands, and healing up so we didn't have to drop out at such an early stage. Thank you for the boots which made it to Hot Springs. Many, many, many thanks.

    13) Danny in Hiawassee: Thank you for enlightening me about NERF, The Rainbow Gatherings, the National in Colorado, Hash House Harriers and your friendship. Bear and I will be seeing you soon.

    14) Cornbread @ Neals Gap (Walasi-Yi Inn): Thank you for saving our bacon on the trail fixing our stove and getting it operational. MSR still needs a beatdown. You help was invaluable and is appreciated every time we use that stove.

    15) Winton @ Neals Gap: Thank you for your time, advice and friendship while we were there. You made it possible for us to get a lot done and you were one of the first persons that introduced me to trail magic. The hikers couldn't do it without you.

    16) Josh & Leigh Saint: Many thanks for picking me up and getting me there to Springer!!! Best wishes on a great year.

    Well, there are probably many folks that I am forgetting, but when on a time limit at the library it does get difficult to perform under stress. hahaa.



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