• Hangin' out in Hot Springs ...

    Hey ya'll,

    just wnated to drop a quick line and let you know that I'm still alive and kicking fine. Pulled into Hot Springs, NC just yesterday and have been having a grand time reaquainting myself with Draft Beer and a few burgers. Using the internet at the Outfitters store after buying a few things.

    The weather is about to change if you've been following, folks are takling about 'storm of the century', etc., the trail just north of us is getting hit with ice and snow and cold weather and a bad storm is blowing in as I speak. I haven't been able to do much internet, mostly because I'm lazy and indifferent to real task oriented work that doesn't involve sleep.

    I also want to thank everyone for reading my very few updates that are on trailjournals.com/ all 4,000 plus. You guys rock.

    Lastly, yesterday I hiked BACK up to a place called Walnut Mountain, an area that I hiked through a few days ago and had discovered that loggers had cleared everything in site - including the trail. I took photos and had them put into the rright folks hands. It seems that the troops have activated and The Appalachian Trail Council (ATC), and every other activist org as well.

    Leaving in the morning for Miss Janets and Erwin TN and then beyond. Really enjoying the South. Beautiful place. A new convert to Moonshine, moonshine cherries, and some awesome Vegan cooking by Elmer Hall at the Inn where I'm staying.

    Many thanks to all of you for your thoughts, your transmissions have been reaching me and I wish "ya'll" all the best this year ... Keep busy or I'll come back with some ol' timey mountain boys and 'roust ya!, Ya, hear?

    Much Love Papabear


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