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    Well, last day of rest in Hiawassee, Georgia. Mini's re-supply box finally arrived at the post-office with everything including the kitchen sink. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to carry half of the stuff yet.

    If you haven't heard, I'm Hiking with 'Bear', a California Activist who likes to hike, climb, do tree-sits, protests, etc. I met up with him on top of Springer Mountain right before heading out on the hike. I would like to provide some of the pictures that I have taken thus far, but the problem is that Kodak Picture Disks are proprietary, and the Library does not allow viewing such content, etc. So please accept all apologies for that.

    As far as handling the trail is concerned, everything is going fine. I started off with a 7.5 miles on the first day, an 8 the next, a 12 the next, a 7, then a 15. Something like that anyway. Georgia is notoriously horrible for its terrain ... bouldery, steep up and downs, REALLY steep downs that kill and several 4,000, and 5,000 foot peaks. I'll be better at giving schematics as I go further and aquire more trail maps. Some really tough terrain. Most of the work is psychological, as far as being able to hike up steep hills with 40lbs on your back, etc. However, I'm quickly getting physically capable, at least that's what I'm telling myself every morning.

    I've eaten quite a bit of Ramen, packets of Oatmeal, and cups of instant tea. So, you can tell the diet is getting pretty scarce but I am keeping the strength up. The weather has been mixed as well, cold, rainy, fog thicker than a lead pipe. The last few days have been nice, but I 've taken 2 Zero days to let my brusied Achilles Tendons heal. The largest tendons in the body, but yes, easily damaged. I purchased a different pair of boots that are lighter, but I'm unsure if they're going to help. I might require something else. Other than that, I'm handling everything just fine.

    For everyone concerned, please keep in touch with Mini, who has been feeling a bit blue at home alone and milling around with Kira.

    a few personal notes:

    Ray: The zipfizz gave me a really bad case of acid reflux, thought I had guardia it was so bad.
    Alan: Don't worry kiddo, I'll be back in time.
    Sampila: Always bet on black!!!
    Philip/Jimon: Do you have an old canon manual for a 20d or something similar, couldn't find mine before I left? Having Nighttime photog issues. Mostly because I suck.
    Jordan: Thanks for the camera, you rock. Could you hook up a light tripod? Mini has the cash.
    Nick & Court: Many thanks for the grub and supplies, Bear & I are going to eat good.

    That's all for now. I'll be able to update again in Franklin, NC. See ya'll soon.

    Trailjournals.com/steffanpiper will be updated later.


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