• Finally a computer in the south ...

    Day 1 ...

    Flight from LAX to ATL, lots of turbulence, no in-flight service. A woman was screaming and crying to get off the plan somewhere over Texas because the turbulence was so bad. Got into Atlanta and took the 'Marta' subway/above-ground rapid transport to North Spring Station where I was picked up by Josh and Leigh Saint.

    Arrived on Springer Mountain several hours later, just after 7pm. I was so tired from the flight, that I decided to pitch tent and get somerest. Listened to a bunch of folks partying and celebrating the different time zones. 'Bear' woke me up around 10pm and muttered something about coffee, but I went back to sleep until around 5:30am the next morning.

    When i got up and around, chatted with 'Bear' a bit and had a cup of tea (yes, I did), and someone named 'Yankee Lover' served up breakfast of eggs, pancakes, coffee and sausage. I was impressed that the guy had carted everything up Springer by himself.

    The last remnants (or so I thought) of Team slacker that had left Khatadin in early July had finally made it in. After meeting a few folks like 'Stumpknocker', 'Pigpen', 'Ladybug' and 'Pigpen', et al, 'Bear' and I finally headed out.

    The weather was fair and pleasant, but overcast. Hiked 7.6 miles across some pretty rugged terrain, mostly all uphill. The AT in Georgia is craggly, narrow trails and ascending. Pulled into Hawk Mountain Shelter at approx. 3pm, within an hour it was raining pretty heavy, so that ended day one. By 10pm the rain was falling sideways with a streong wind. Some boys from florida had came in around dinner dressewd in Jeans, Cotton Hoodies and Wal-mart hiking gear. We all felt bad for them, but they had to suffer themselves the punishment for piss-poor planning. I was shocked that no-one had told them that:



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