• Day 5 ...

    Left out of Neels gap around 10am, yes another late start. Saw 'Healed' and his dog maggie on the way out, said goodbye and put down another 6.2 miles to Whitley Gap shelter. However, the Shelter was 2.2 miles from the trail, which really sucked, so the day really ended at 8.4. The trail books all say the trail is only 1.4 (or something) he GPS on my phone recorded an easy 2.2 miles. You might want to update a log somewhere ATC.

    A few things about Georgia:

    1) A lot of locals, who car camp leave an awful lot of trash on the trail at the shelters and at the campsites. I've never seena thru-hiker yet with a Stryfoam cooler full of Amber-Bock bottles or a 24 pack of coors lite. Too much hassle.

    2) A lot of vandalism has occured at the shelters, on signage and has been in that state for some time. After hiking all day I don't have the strength to demolish trail signs and shelters. After some of the snimosity visited upon us by twonsfolks, I would have to bet, that again, it's locals. Why the Geogia ATC hasn't fixed these signs and shelter's is curious. Maybe they're just too busy watching South Park or Law and Order: Criminal Intent to bother.

    3) The mileage in Georgia is very questionable. A LOT of hikers have commented in shelter logs and online about this. I will be interested to find out the GPS Hike findings that 'Nightwalker' is currently gathering through Georgia.


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