• Day 4 ...

    Got up with the sun around 7:30am and prepared to leave for Neels Gap and one of Georgia's tallest peaks, Blood Mountain (4,461') all up baby, and then a rough 2 miles directly down, most of which was bouldery staircase descents that sucked.

    Pulled into Neels around 3pm. Got 2 bunks in the bunk house and met the owner, Winton, and 'Cornbread' who thankfully proceeded to fix my whisperlite and diagnose the problems that I have already mentioned. We had almost froze up at Wood's Hole due to the negligence of MSR, I will never forgive those bastards for not gear checking, but of course they would say the responsibility to test gear before feild use lies with the owner.

    So, as you'v all already heard. The internet at Neels was down, go figure. Winton let us use the van to go into blairsville to re-spupply more food like ramen, oatmeal and get a hot meal.

    Many thanks to everyone at Neels, like Cornbread, Alpine and Winton for takinggood care of us.



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