• Change 5000

    Stand by for 5001 ...

    So, I will be hiking the AT starting January 1st, 2006. Yes that is right, you heard me. I will start at Springer Mtn. in Georgia and head north to Mt. Katahdin, Maine which will take approx. 6 mos. or roughly 153 days from my estimates. No, again, you heard correct.

    And the next question that you might ask, is what does Mini say? Well ... be advised, the Quatermaster is on board so the mission clock is set and ticking. Her role will be to coordinate the resupply efforts along the route. Mission-oriented Alpha-female / wife 'in place' ~ CHECK. Stand by for lots of harping about the 'correct way' to get things done, rather than my way.

    I will debrief frequently about the preparation, the gear and the endevour itself while on the trail and in the months to follow.

    If you are still wondering what the AT is, it is the Appalachian Trail, all 2,173 miles of it, which traverses through a grand total of 14 states! Here is the link to the main site. Graphics and updates to follow.

    Get with it.

    The good Lord, Shackleton himself, would be proud.



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